Experience the velvety feel of a beMineral® brush on your skin. beMineral® brushes are made of high-quality synthetic material and remain beautiful and soft for a long time.

The Medium Coverage brush: with this compact brush you can camouflage spots, or apply an intense base on the eyes.

For the best care of the brush, follow these steps: wash the brush regularly with a mild soap. In a bath with warm water, carefully turn the brush around on the bottom of the basin. Squeeze the suds from the brush and rinse well with clean water. Rub the brush with a little cream rinse; this keeps the hair soft. After about 5 minutes, rinse the brush well again and squeeze the brush. Then you put the clean brush to dry on a towel. The way you leave your wet brush on the towel, is the same way your brush dries up. So make sure you put it down decently.