Let your eyes speak with the 100% natural eyebrow powders from beMineral®. With these brow powders you can easily create your perfect eyebrow shape, to emphasize the eyes. Use the accompanying Brow Perfection Brush for a nice tight eyebrow. The brow powders are available in 4 different colors. The beMineral®brow powders only contain the 100% natural and pure minerals Mica, Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide: completely free of chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, wax, oil and/or talc.

Brow Powder Ash: this brow powder is great with cool blonde or grey types because of the light, cool shade.

Apply the powder to the eyebrows to shape them into the desired model. You could also mix some colors for a softer look. The brow powders are very suitable as a natural, matte eyeshadow as well.

The Brow Powders contain only three ingredients:
* Mica
* Iron Oxide
* Titanium Dioxide